Photos for People Who Hate Taking Photos

You know who you are.  You love your family. You love pictures of your family. You probably TAKE a ton of pictures of your family. But the business end of the camera for you is the side with the button, not the side that catches your weird smile that (you hope) only happens in photos, or your baby weight, or the fact that you skipped abs day…well, every day….at the gym.  Being actively posed and photographed just feels WEIRD for some of us.  I know.

My name is Daysha Clark, and I hate being photographed. 

Ironic, no?

Introducing - Playground Sessions!

No posing. (You get to play instead!)

No fake smiles. (But lots of big laughs.)

No eye contact with the camera? No problem.

No pressure, just genuine moments of your family being themselves.

I rolled these out with the Limato family on the first really cold afternoon of fall.  I’ve done posed portraits with this big, loving family before, and with four kids ranging toddler to teen (including one sweet boy on the Autism Spectrum), the Line Up and Smile approach is a tall order for all involved.   Playgrounds are the native habitat of families with tiny people, so turning them loose on home turf with no instructions besides “Have fun!” seemed like a perfect fit. 

Dad, who is not normally a fan of picture day,  turned into one of the kids.  Baby Girl, who had never smiled for my camera before this session, showed me every single side of her tiny self.  The middle kids could be their crazy selves, and it became something joyful and beautiful instead of “ruining” a shot. Everyone took a trip on the slides and the swings.  And by following this sweet family and their own playground rhythm, we managed to organically and painlessly steal a couple of actual family pictures that no other family could or will take - because they were themselves, breathless and happy in the chilly air and having a blast in their favorite park on family picture day.

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